Quality through innovation and experience
Painting and goldpainting works  

Colour analysis and restoring plans
Restoring and reconstruction of:

  • Mural paintings and ceiling frescos
  • Wooden, marble and granite imitations
  • Ornamental paintings
  • Gold painting
Facade painting
Facade cleaning
All kinds of painting and wallpainting works
Heating compound systems
Carpenter‘s work  
  Restoring, renovation and manufacturing of:
  • Roof and ceiling frameworks
  • Frameworks
  • Tower constructions
  • Stairs
Dry rot redevelopment
Timber preservation
Dry construction
Floor works
  Tile roofing
Bitumen roofs
Roof Plumbing
Wood shingles
Standing Palatinate roofs in zinc and copper
Bricklayer‘s, stucco and plasterer‘s works  
  Brickwork building
Dewatering brickwork
Brick facade restoring
Plaster and stucco facade restoring
Interior plastering - stucco works - restoring
Concrete works
Concrete redevelopment
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